Thank you for joining us in worship today.  If you are visiting from another congregation, please convey our greetings to your home Church.

Services coming up - Music - Preacher
9 May 10am Morning Service - Joshua - Tani Haunga
9 May 7pm Combined Junior Youth Service
16 May 10am Morning Service - Bruce - Tani Haunga
16 May 7.30pm Baptism Service
23 May 10am Family Service - Worship Band - Tani Haunga
30 May 10am Family Service - Michael - Tani Haunga

Church Duty Roster 
9 May – Jamila Fualetoelau 
16 May – Fern Fuimaono-Ape 
23 May – Children’s Ministry 
30 May – Wendy Disayanke 

Morning tea roster
9 May – Children and Fathers
16 May – Matatia & Brown families
23 May – Congregation 
30 May – Afosa family & Asonei's family 

Duty Elder 
May – Laga Fuimaono 

Duty Managers
May – Josie, Simon, Kapeni

• Men’s Coffee – Mondays, 10.30am in local cafe.  
• Community Coffee morning – Tuesdays 10.30am start
• Prayer Meeting – Wednesdays, 11am in small hall 
• Women’s Ministry Bible study – Saturdays 11am in small hall

Meetings coming up 
9 May 11.30am – Pastoral Care & Social
23 May 11.30am – Property & Finance (note this changed date for May)

Combined Youth Service tonight 7pm
We will be holding a youth service this evening, starting at 7pm.  Do come along and support our young people and enjoy a time of worship and fellowship together. All Welcome!

Pool Baptism Service next Sunday, 7.30pm
We have five people to be baptised next Sunday evening.  Again, you are welcome to come along as support them as we worship and recommit our lives to the Lord, our God.  

Happy Mother’s Day 
Mother’s Day ... it isn’t always a happy day. For many it can be a day of sadness, loss, grief and pain. For some women, today is a reminder of the difficulty that has been experienced while trying to become a mother, for other women today is a reminder of a difficult or strained relationship with their own mother. For others, today is a reminder of the grief around losing a mother or a child.

Mother’s Day is a day that has the potential to engender empathy toward one 
another. May we all be reminded of God’s love and comforting Spirit. 

One in four New Zealanders experience infertility. If you know the 1-in-4, reach 
out to support them today. If you are the 1-in-4, know that God loves you and that there are places to reach out for support. One of those places is

He kokonga whare e kitea, he kokonga ngākau e kore e kitea 
A corner of a house may be seen and examined; not so the corners of the heart

“Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest” ~ Matthew 11:28
Have a blessed Mother’s Day.

West Region Presbytery will meet on Tuesday 11th May, 7.30pm at the Auckland Korean Presbyterian Church, 22 Edmonton Road, Henderson.

Junior Youth Fair Fundraise coming up on 19th June in the hall.  We’ve received some donated items already, and still keen to receive anything you think worthy for the garage sale.  If you can help in any way, please speak to Ros or Liliu.

Psalm 98 Bible Study
Verses 1-3: Psalm 98 begins with the command to “sing to the Lord a new song.” The Lord has accomplished a marvelously new rescue; therefore a “new” song is appropriate. How could anyone not want to sing a new song? Maybe new words, maybe new melodies, maybe new intensity, but a new song! The psalm doesn’t state what the Lord did, but summarizes the Lord’s action as “victory” and “vindication.” Whatever has occurred, they are “marvelous things,” performed for the sake of Israel and visible to the nations.
Verses 4-6: During worship in the temple the leader urges everyone to sing joyfully and to praise the Lord with music, using every instrument available to declare the Lord king. The Lord’s being king is the center of the psalm’s concern. The Lord as king means that he reigns. His marvelous deeds demonstrate his rule.
Verses 7-9: The worshipers exuberantly proclaim that even nature must take part in praising the Lord, because as king he is coming with righteousness to judge the peoples with equity. The worshipers anticipate and celebrate in advance the Lord’s appearance and rule.

From the ‘Community Connections’ Spring 2019 Newsletter: