Thank you for joining us in worship today.  If you are visiting from another congregation, please convey our greetings to your home Church.

Services coming up                     Music                                Preacher
22 Nov 10am Sunday service              Worship Band                          Rev Tani Haunga
29 Nov 10am Sunday service              Michael                                    Rev Tani Haunga
6 Dec 10am Sunday service                Barbara                                    Rev Tani Haunga
13 Dec 10am Holy Communion & Children’s Christmas Drama

Church Duty Roster Morning tea roster
22 Nov – Children’s Ministry                 22 Nov – Letoga family & Asafo family
29 Nov – Junior Fuimaono                    29 Nov – Asonei’s family & Sose’s family 
6 Dec - Wendy Dissanayake                  6 Dec – Alesana family
13 Dec – Fern Fuimaono                      13 Dec – Congregation 

Duty Elder                                             Duty Managers
November – Kapeni Matatia                  November: Josie, Simon, Kapeni
December – Tasi Asafo                          December: Kwame, Lata

Projector & Sound desk                      Sweeping carpark
November – Fale & Setoa                     November – Children’s ministry
December – Elton & Saipale                 December – Youth ministry

Weekly Ministries – All Welcome!
• Men’s Coffee – Mondays 10.30am in local cafe.  
• Coffee & Conversation – Tuesdays 10.30am in small hall
• Prayer Meeting – Wednesdays, 11am in small hall 
• Youth Ministry – Fridays 6.30pm in meeting room.
• Women’s Ministry – Saturdays 11am in small hall
• Children’s Ministry – Sundays 

Meetings coming up 
Sunday 6 Dec 11.30am – Session meeting
Tuesday 8 Dec 6.30pm Trinity Cafe – Dinner for Session and all committee members and ministry leaders.  Please let Tasi or Simon know if you’re coming.
Sunday 13 Dec 11.30am – Pastoral Care & Social committee
Sunday 20 Dec 11.30am – Property & Finance

Pastoral Care Support  After the service, feel free to visit the Pastoral Care space in the small hall, where you will find items from our food bank, and also from our garage sales.  Feel free to take home what you find useful for a gold coin donation.  All welcome.  

Envelope Appeal 
We are having our ‘Special Appeal’ today, 22nd November.  Special appeal envelopes are in the foyer, and you are also welcome to give your special appeal online to our BNZ account number 020100-0099642-000. 

Sunday Evening Music Fellowship tonight, starting at 7.30pm.  All welcome to lead us in a church song, or to just come along and singalong with the others.  We will have favourite hymns, chorus and praise and worship songs.  Hope to see you tonight.

Children’s Ministry Christmas Celebration will be on Saturday 28th November in the big hall.  It will be a chance for the children and the leaders to come together, celebrate and be thankful for all the ministries achieved in 2020.

Seniors’ Lunch Fellowship is scheduled for 1st December with a St Andrew’s theme, which means blue and white colours.  Hope you can join us on this final Seniors’ Lunch Fellowship for 2020.

Church Family Social 
Our first ever Church Family Social, will be on Friday 4th December starting at 7.30pm.  All are welcome to come and enjoy as we celebrate coming to the end of a very challenging year.  This social is for our Church families.  If you can help in any way, please speak to Liliu, Tai or Tani.  

White Ribbon message from Very Rev Ray Coster
It is time for the White Ribbon campaign. 
A worrying recent survey by White Ribbon Australia shows 42% of young men do not consider punching and hitting constitute domestic violence, while 43% do not consider frightening, humiliating, degrading or punishing a person as domestic violence.  This is shocking and while we don’t have a similar study for our country, New Zealand has the highest rate of reported violence towards women in the developed world. 
Police data for the year to August shows that women make up 90% of those violently assaulted by a partner or ex, and 98.6% of those sexually assaulted by a partner or ex.  Recent cases in the news of misogynistic behaviour by young men suggest that even in light of the #MeToo era, men continue to hold outdated views about sexuality, gender, and gendered violence.  

What is it that prevents men from recognising and confronting this incontrovertible pattern of gendered violence and victimisation? Why do we stay quiet? 
White Ribbon invites us all to “stand-up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence towards women”.

Offering boxes are in the foyer, please place your offering in one of the boxes as you arrive, or wave down the managers as they bring the offering forward.  And if you wish to give online, please deposit to our BNZ account 020100-0099642-000.

From the ‘Community Connections’ Spring 2019 Newsletter: