Sermons 2015.

27th Dec 2015 - Sermon on Luke 2:41 - 52.  This was our final service for the year, and the message looked at reviewing our journey as Christians. It challenged the listeners to review their own journey with Christ.  Joseph and Mary seemed to have lost Jesus on their way back from Jerusalem.  In our own journey with Christ, there are hazards that we need to be avoid. 1. Casualness is a hazard to our journey as believers, 2. the 'me' and 'I' focus is also a hazard, and 3. Lack or limited understanding is also a hazard in our journey with Christ.  All are encouraged to read Scripture and pray always, to help with our journey as Christians.  Click here for the powerpoint.

20th Dec 2015 - Sermon on Luke 1:39 - 45.  This was our 'Carols & Readings' service, so the message was more of a brief reflection.  I focused on the perfect gift for Christmas, Jesus, God precious gift to us.  Why? Well, because (1) He is the gift that moves us (V41), and (2) He is the gift that fills us with the Holy Spirit, and (3) He is the gift who removes all barriers (V43), and (4) He is the gift who brings us joy and gladness (V44).  The gift must be opened, received, responded to, and accepted.  Click here for the powerpoint.    

6th Dec 2015 - Sermon on Luke 3:1 - 6 focusing on our need to 'Prepare the way for the Lord'. In our preparation, we need to repent as we (1) Make a straight paths for the Lord, (2) Make level paths for the Lord, (3) and straighten and smoothen the path for the Lord.  Click here for the powerpoint.

29th Nov 2015 - Sermon on Luke 21:25 - 36 where Jesus taught the disciples the importance of being able to read the signs that the time for Jesus' return is near.  But as we wait for His return, we are encouraged to (1) Be careful that what ever we do, we are aware that Jesus will return again, and (2) Watch and Pray.  Pray for strength to endure the wait, and for righteousness to be able to stand before the Son of Man.  Click here for the powerpoint.

22nd Nov 2015 - Sermon on John 18:33 - 37 focusing on "Jesus, the King".  Points noted were 1. Jesus is King, not of this world.  Jesus reigns not by force or violence and as his followers, we must imitate him and not reign over our families, our friends, our workplaces by force or violence, but with love and mercy.  2. Jesus is the King, who reveals the truth.  Only those who have a right relationship with God, can grasp the truth revealed in Christ.  Jesus confronted Pilate with the truth, and Pilate knew that Jesus was telling the truth but rejected him.  It is a tragedy when we fail to see and know the truth but it is a greater tragedy when we see and know the truth but fail to follow it.  Jesus is the Truth, we must follow him and worship him.  Click here for powerpoint.

15th Nov 2015 - Sermon on Mark 13:1 - 8 and 1 Sam 1:4 - 20, focusing on our need to trust God in everything and for everything.  When we trust in God, (1) we focus on preparing the real temple - our hearts, not the physical or material temples.  When we trust in God, we also grow to know God so well that (2) we are not fooled or deceived, and (3) we are never discouraged or afraid.  Click here for the powerpoint.

8th Nov 2015 - Sermon on Mark 12:38 - 44, focusing on one's Love for God and love for neighbour.  The message exposed the Teacher of the law's lack of love for God and for neighbour.  The message also revealed the widow's love for God, seen in her giving God all she had to live on.  Note that the passage condemns those who gave out of their spare - and it is not just the rich that gives from their spare.  Some of the poor also give from the spare they have.  So, it is a condemnation of those who do not give sacrificially, but give out of the plenty they have to spare.  Click here for the powerpoint.

25th Oct 2015- The message was based on Mark 10:46 - 52, where Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was coming his way.  He called out to Jesus for Mercy, people tried to stop him, but he called even more loudly.  Jesus stopped and when Bartimaeus asked to be able to see again, Jesus replied "Go, your faith has made you well."  His faith, demonstrated in the reading serves as a lesson for us to (1) shout out to Jesus for help, to (2) persist and persevere, and to (3) come to Jesus - which includes throwing off our cloak and jumping up and on to our feet.  The message concludes with the healing: i.e. the spiritual healing he received - relationship with God restored as he followed Jesus on the road.  Click here for the sermon powerpoint.

18th Oct 2015 - Sermon on Mark 10:35 - 45, where Jesus clarified the difference between leaders in this world who seek glory and greatness, to leaders in the kingdom who seek to serve others.  Two clear calling to service is evident in this passage: we are called to be (1) servants to the rest, and to be (2) slaves to all.  In following this call, we drink the cup of suffering that believers drink.  Click here for the powerpoint.

11th Oct 2015 - Sermon on Mark 10:17 - 31, where the rich man asked Jesus what he needs to do to receive eternal life.  Jesus told him to go sell all he had, give the money to the poor, then come and follow him.  This is a tough passage, especially for those who are rich.  But is just about the rich?  I don't think so.  Rather, it is a call to everyone, to leave behind all (home, brothers, sisters, mother etc...) that prevents you from following Jesus, give the proceeds (if any) to the poor, and then, follow Jesus. Click here for the powerpoint. 

4th Oct 2015 - Sermon on Mark 10:2 - 16.  In this passage, Jesus revealed the difficulty Moses faced, having to teach adult (V5) who were reluctant to obey the law of God.  The second half of the passage reveals the receptivity, the willingness of children who were brought to Jesus.  'Whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God like a child, will never enter it".  'Like a child' points to child-like characteristics that contrasts with Pharisees intentions to trap Jesus.  It also points to contrasts between the characteristics of children who are 'brought to Jesus', and adults who refuse to obey the word of God.  Child-like characteristics includes (1) humility, (2) obedience (3) and trust.  Click here for powerpoint.

27th Sep 2015 - Sermon on Mark 9:38-50.  In this passage, Jesus taught his disciples more about being his disciples.  They must (1) be open to work with other believers, (2) be caring towards the weak and powerless, (3) cut off all unhelpful ties and (4) go through the process of purification. Click here for the powerpoint.

20th Sep 2015 - Sermon on Mark 9:30 - 37.  The message challenged those who want to be the greatest, or want to be first, that in the Kingdom of God, one must place themselves last AND be the servant of all, in order to be first.  Click here for powerpoint.

13th Sep 2015 - Sermon on Mark 8:27-38 focusing on Peter's declaration.  Who is Jesus to you?  In this message, we learned that Jesus is the (1) suffering Messiah, so we, as his followers will go through suffering.  Jesus is also our (2) Saviour and Lord.  He died that we be saved, and he died, that we, as his followers die to self.  Jesus as Messiah, is also (3) the resurrection and life.  In Jesus, we not only find life right now here on earth, but we also find 'new life', resurrection, for the effect of sin, death.  This was our International service so the message was very much catered with applications for living as Christians in a 'multi-ethnic' family of God.  Click here for the powerpoint.

30th Aug 2015 - Sermon on Mark 7:1 - 23 focusing on the need to teach, preach and focus on God's commands, instead of the traditions that are no longer relevant or applicable in ministry.  We must listen to Jesus and understand, i.e. we must read Scriptures and understand what we are reading.  It is when we fail to read Scriptures and understand, that we cling on to invalid and unhelpful traditions.  Click here for the powerpoint.

23rd Aug 2015 PM - Sermon on Psalms 84 focusing on "the dwelling place of God", which is  (1) a place where we cry out to God V2, (2) a place where all are welcome V3, (3) a place where God answers prayers V11, (4) in our heart.  Click here for the powerpoint. 

23rd Aug 2015 - Sermon on John 6:56-69 completing the 'Living bread' theme.  On this message we focused on John 6:56-69.  On this message we focused on "Jesus, has the words of eternal life".  So, what does that mean?  It means, that (1) we must feed on him (V56), (2) we must carry our cross (V60), and (3) we must believe and know Jesus (V68-69).  Click here for the powerpoint.

16th Aug 2015 - Sermon on John 6:51 - 58 focusing on the theme "Jesus is the Living bread".  In this sermon, we looked at (1) Jesus, the living bread that came from heaven, which called us to believe in Jesus as the one who came from heaven, the Son of God, Lord and Messiah.  We also looked at (2) Jesus, the living bread who gave his flesh that the world may live.  This called us to believe in Jesus' death and its significance, that we maybe forgiven and set free to live.  We also looked at  (3) Jesus the living bread, who lives in us as we live in him.  Click here for the powerpoint.

9th Aug 2015 - Sermon on John 6:35, 41-51 focusing on the theme "Jesus is the bread of life".  Jesus continues to call us "Those who come to me will never be hungry; those who believe in me will never be thirsty".  In this sermon, we look at the 'barriers' that stops us from coming to Jesus.  We also look at the 'help' that leads us to come to Jesus.  Click here for the powerpoint.

2nd Aug 2015 - Sermon on John 6:24 - 35 focusing on Jesus, the bread of life.  How do we live on the bread of life.  To live on the bread of life, we must 'come to Jesus' and we must 'believe in him'.  Coming to Jesus takes more, than just coming.  You see, when we choose to live on bread for our physical needs, we spend money buying bread, we go places to buy bread and we bring it home and eat it.  The same here, when we choose to live on the 'Bread of life', we will spend money to buy resources that will help us get to know Jesus more, we will go places (worship, bible study, etc) to get information about Jesus, and we will bring it home, and meditate on it.  Click here for the sermon powerpoint.

26th July 2015 - We had our Annual Children's Sunday, where our children ministered to us through songs, items, memory verses and drama.  The theme was: Jesus provides for us, in his love and that was based on the gospel reading for the day: John 6:1 - 21.  Go to the event page to see photos from this service.  
In the evening service, the message again focused on John 6:1 - 21, and our call to love those in need.  Jesus provides for all of us, and we, as followers of Christ ought to provide for others.  Click here for the powerpoint.  

19 July 2015 - Sermon based on Ephesians 2:11 - 22, focusing on our Unity with one another and in Christ.  We looked at how, in Christ, we are brought near, i.e. we are forgiven.  We also looked at how, in Christ, the walls that often divides us, no longer exists.  Finally, we looked at how, in Christ, we are reconciled to God, i.e. Jesus united Gentiles and Pharisees and created one 'new' people.  After that, he 'reconciled' them to God, i.e. put right what was wrong, that they may reflect God's ways.  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint.

12th July 2015 - The message was based on Ephesians 1:3 -14 looking at the Spiritual Blessings that God blesses us with.  These Spiritual blessings only comes to us through Christ.  As we look at this passage, we learn that (1) In Christ, we are chosen by God, (2) In Christ, we are set free, (3) In Christ, God gives us the Holy Spirit.  It is only when we are in Christ, that we receive these spiritual gifts.  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint.

5th July 2015 - Jesus continues with his ministry and now returns home.  At home, he was rejected by his own people.  In this message, we learn more about how we should continue in Jesus' ministry.  1st we must use every opportunity, 2nd Rejection is inevitable, it is part of the journey, and it should never stop us in ministry, 3rd Jesus moved on to other places, so we must never be comfortable in one place, but must move on to spread the word.  4th, we must accept that this ministry is 'urgent' and we must therefore treat it with urgency - the more people hear, the more lives transformed.  The message is based on Mark 6:1 - 13.  Click here for the powerpoint.

28th June 2015 - Again, continuing with Mark 5:21 - 43, the message focused on the faith of the woman who had severe bleeding, and that of Jairus, the synagogue ruler.  what can we learn from their faith, that may help us, be made well.  Click here for the powerpoint.

21st June 2015 - Continuing with Mark, the message was based on Mark 4:35 - 41, focusing the Storms of Life that we go through.  What can we learn from this passage about the storms of life, and how can we be better prepared for it.  We know it comes suddenly without warning, and the disciples turned to Jesus in the midst of the storm.  We also know, that Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief.  How do we use that to help us in the midst of the storms we go through.  Click here for the powerpoint.  

14th June 2015 - Continuing with a focus on Mark's gospel, this sermon is based on Mark 4:26-34 looking as the Kingdom of God, according to this passage.  In this sermon, we are reminded that the kingdom of God starts small - we don't have to be big, to be holy and perfect, for God to start ruling in our lives.  We also see that the kingdom of God is guaranteed to grow without human effort, so instead of expecting people to become 'good Christians' overnight, we need to focus on our role as 'sower' and leave 'growth to God.  We also see that 'fruitfulness' depends on the soil.  A heart that is fertile for the 'Word' and free from hindrances will be fruitful.  Lastly, we are reminded that in the kingdom of God, there will be judgement.  Our democratic contexts blinds us to the fact that in a 'kingdom' we actually live under the authority of an absolute ruler - the King.  There is no democracy nor are there any negotiations on the rules, we must abide.  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint.  

7th June 2015 - A sermon based on Mark 3:20 - 35 focusing on the family of God.  What does this reading tell us about the Characteristics of the family of God?  Well, those who are part of the family of God, always gather around Jesus, to hear and learn from the Word.  They also KNOW and ACCEPT Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  They know the power of the Holy Spirit, and they obey the will of God the Father.  Click here for a copy of the powerpoint.

31st May 2015 - Trinity Sunday.  A sermon by Rev Tani Haunga based on Romans 8:12 - 17, focusing on our obligation as believers, and how we need the Trinity, to help us fulfill those obligations.  Click here for the powerpoint.

24th May 2015 - It is Pentecost, a day where we celebrate the new life that the Holy Spirit breathe into us.  In this message, we focused on Ezekiel 37:1 - 14, on the valley of dry bones.  This represent lives that were spiritually dead because of sin.  Spiritual death comes, when one ignores the power of the Word of God.  It comes when one fails to read and meditate on the Word of God daily - so, the message challenge all to read the Word of God.  It also reminds all, that with the power of the Holy Spirit, broken and scattered lives can be restored, regathered and brought back to life.  Click here for the powerpoint.

17th May 2015 - We are struggling to have 'certainty' in a world of 'uncertainty'.  John wrote to a generation of new believers, who struggled with false teaching, that caused uncertainty or doubt about their future.  Based on 1 John 5:9 - 13, the message unpacks ways to be certain, that we have eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Are you certain you have eternal life? Click here for the powerpoint.   

10th May 2015 - This was a special Sunday for us.  Not only is it Mother's Day, but we also recognize and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rev Margaret Martin's ordination to ministry, the first woman to be ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa.  For more info on the 50th Anniversary, go the Event page.  On this Sunday, Rev Tani Haunga preached a message from 1 John 5:1 - 6, focusing on John's love and care for his new generation of believers, and relating it, to the love and care of mothers.  For the powerpoint version of this sermon, click here.

3rd May 2015 - Rev Tani Haunga preached on 1 John 4:7 - 21 focusing on Jesus command, that we 'love one another'.  Why is it important, that we love one another? 1. Because we are children of God and it is our responsibility, 2. Because it helps people see and know God and 3. Because it builds up community.  Click here for the powerpoint.

26 Apr 2015 - Rev Tani back from holiday, preached on 1 John 3:16 - 24, focusing on following Jesus, by giving our lives for others.  It is clear that we are not doing well in 'giving our lives for others.  The passage suggest, that we have the means to help, and we can see those in need of help, yet, we 'close our hearts against them' (GNB).  We also had some reflection on ANZAC Day, at this service.  Click here for the powerpoint.

5th Apr 2015 - We revived the 'Dawn service' up Mt Albert this year, and held the service there at 6.30am.  This was then followed with breakfast in our Church hall.  We had a number of people turned up, and all together, there were at least representatives from five local Churches.  We hope to continue every year.  
In our 10am service, Rev Tani Haunga preached on the 'Message of Easter' focusing on Mark 16:1 - 8.  What does this passage tell us, about the Easter message?  Click here for the powerpoint to this message.

3rd Apr 2015 - We joined with the other churches in Mt Albert, an d continued the 'Good Friday March'.  It was a wonderful occasion, showing unity in the body of Christ.  Our contribution to this special Good Friday  event, was a Good Friday Drama focusing on the 'Death and Burial of Jesus Christ.  Click here for a copy of the drama.

29 Mar 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Mark 11:1 - 11, Palm Sunday.  The message focused on Jesus arriving in Jerusalem as KING, how did they respond?  How should we respond to Jesus, as our King.  Click here for the powerpoint.  

22 Mar 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on John 12:20 - 33, focusing on what it means, to serve Christ.  Click here for the powerpoint.

15 Mar 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Ephesians 2:1 - 10, focusing on God's grace and on the fact that God created us to do good works.  Click here for powerpoint.

8th Mar 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on John 2:13 - 22, focusing on the cleansing of the temple.  The message challenge us, to celebrate our 'Passover' sincerely from the heart, therefore cleaning out the temple (our hearts) every so often, that God may dwell there.  Click here for the powerpoint.

1st Mar 2015 - Rev Tani Haunga preached on Romans 4:13 - 25, focusing on the righteousness we receive through faith in God, the challenges we face, and the rewards.  Click here for the powerpoint.

22nd Feb 2015 - Rev Kyoung Han was our visiting preacher on this Chinese New Year week-end.  Kyoung preached on Genesis 9:8 - 17, focusing on God's promise to every living creature.

15th Feb 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Mark 1:40 - 45 focusing on how Jesus' ministry has everything to do with 'love'.  So, in Jesus' ministry, we can see 'love' in and through it.  Click here for the powerpoint.  Blessings.

8th Feb 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Isaiah 40:21 - 31, calling us to trust in God for renewing strength.  As we go through our journey, we can easily get weary, frail and exhausted.  God promises to give us the strength we need, regardless of how much or how little we can do, that we may continue to do it, for the Lord.  Click here for the sermon script.  Hope it helps you.

1st Feb 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Mark 1:21-29, focusing on our calling, which is to lead people to Christ.  It is obvious from statistics that we are not good and leading people to Christ, so, what does this passage tell us, that may help us do a better job, in leading people to God?  Click here for the sermon script.

25th January 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Mark 1:14 - 20, focusing on the calling of Simon and Andrew, and John and James.  Jesus called them "Come with me", and Jesus continues to call us today.  Click here for the sermon script

18th January 2015 - Sermon by Rev Sue Jacobi on 1 Samuel 3:1-10 and John 1:43-51, challenging listeners to ask "What is it that I am called to do?"

11th January 2015 - No audio recording available.  Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga was on Genesis 1:1-5 and 

4th January 2015 - Sermon by Rev Tani Haunga on Jeremiah 31:7 - 14 (&John 1:10-18) focusing on our journey for this new year and asking the question, 'who will lead us in this journey?'.