Archive of Sermon 2016.

25 Dec 2016 - Reading was from Luke 2:8-20 with the message "Jesus is the gift of Christmas".  He (1) loves all people, (2) saves all people and (3) brings peace to all people.  Click here for powerpoint.  

11 Dec 2016 - Readings were from Isaiah 35:1-10 and Matthew 11:2 - 11 and the message focused on the importance of "The Word of God".  (1) It strengthens and encourages, (2) It brings hope and (3) It transforms lives.  Click here for Powerpoint.

27 Nov 2016 - Reading was from Isaiah 2:1 - 5, focus on our need to 'Walk in the light of the Lord' as we wait for the return of the Messiah.  Click here for the powerpoint.

6 Nov 2016 - Reading was from Luke 20:27 - 38 which gave us a glimpse of life in the age to come.  Click here for the powerpoint.

30 Oct 2016 - Reading was from Luke 19:1 - 10 emphasizing the theme that "Jesus came to seek and save the lost".  Click here for the powerpoint.

23 Oct 2016 - Reading was from Luke 18:9 - 14, focusing on our need to humble ourselves before the Lord, in prayer.  Click here for powerpoint.

16 Oct 2016 - Reading was from Luke 18:1 - 8 with the message focusing on our need to 'pray always and not give up'.  There are different reasons that causes us to give up which includes (1) the people in charge discouraging us, (2) our situation-not good enough or not smart enough, and of course (3) the delays.  Jesus promise us, that God hears our prayers and this should lead us to pray and not give up.  Click here for the powerpoint. 

9 Oct 2016 - Reading was from Luke 17:11 - 19 and the message focused on 'FAITH'.  Faith (1) begins when Christ comes to us, Faith (2) leads us to Come to Jesus, (3) Faith leads us to obey him, (4) Faith leads us to be thankful and (5) Faith saves.  Click here for the powerpoint.

2 Oct 2016 - Reading was from Luke 17:5 - 10 focusing on 'Faith'.  Faith (1) does not lead others to sin, faith (2) forgives, faith (3) will do great things (quality not quantity is emphasized) and faith (4) obeys - we only do our duty.  Click here for powerpoint.

25 Sep 2016 - Reading was from Luke 16:19 - 31 focusing on verse 29 "They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.'  The message focused on our need to listen well to Scripture, because this will help us (1) recognize the need around us and help (2) know and understand scripture well and (3) focus on the living, not the dead.  Click here for powerpoint.

18 Sep 2016 - Reading was from Luke 16:1 - 13 focusing on our need to serve God faithfully. Based on the reading, this means that we must (1) Be wise in connecting and reaching out to people, (2) Be generous with our wealth to gain friends for Jesus and (3) Be honest and reliable stewards of God's blessings.  Click here for the powerpoint.  

11 Sep 2016 - Reading was from Luke 15:1 - 10 which focused on the searching love of God.  Click here for the powerpoint.

28 Aug 2016 - Reading was from Luke 14:1, 7 - 14 and the message focused on the call to "Humble yourselves".  Click here for the powerpoint.

21 Aug 2016 - Reading was from Luke 13:10 - 17 focusing on 'Jesus' love and compassion'.  In his love and compassion, (1) he taught the locals in the local hall (V10).  He could have gone to the temple in Jerusalem, but he chose to visit the local hall.  In contrast to Jesus' love, (2) the devil comes and cripple us (V11).  Today, the devil cripple us in different ways, some have been crippled for decades, others, for years.  In Jesus' love and compassion, (3) he calls us forward to make us well (V12).  And (4) he heals us.  Click here for the powerpoint.

14 Aug 2016 - Reading was from Luke 12:49 - 56 focusing on the message that Jesus came with a 'mission of fire'.  And for that mission of fire to work, (1) Jesus had to die (v50).  And that mission will (2) bring division (V51).  And that mission will (3) help us grow to understand this present time (V56).  Click here for the powerpoint.

7 Aug 2016 - Reading was from Luke 12:32 - 40 and the message focused on our need to be ready for Jesus.  To help us be ready, we (1) Do not fear (v32), we (2) remove all obstacles (V33-34) and we (3) must be ready to serve at all time (v35-36).  Click here for the powerpoint.

31 July 2016 - Reading was from Luke 12:13 - 21 focusing on the call to "be on guard against all kinds of greed".  Click here for the powerpoint.

17 July 2016 - Reading was from Colossians 1:15-28 and Luke 10:38-42.  Message focused on our need to 'know Jesus more' which can happen when (1) we open our home to Jesus, (2) We Spend time with Jesus and (3) We overcome distractions.  Click here for powerpoint.

10 July 2016 - Reading was from Colossians 1:1-14 and Luke 10:25-37.  Message emphasized our need to 'Honour God'.  We do that by (1) Bearing Fruit, (2) Growing in our knowledge of God and (3) Being strengthened with His power and no other.  Click here for powerpoint.   

3rd July 2016 - Our reading was from Luke 10:1-11, 16-20.  The message says that 'The mission of God is an urgent matter.  So, (1) Pray to God for more workers and for protection. And when you travel on mission, travel lightly trusting in God's provision.  Do not take a purse (your wealth), a beggar's bag (selfish desires), shoes (be relevant to the context, and do not greet anyone on the road - no wasting time.  And when completed, be glad because your names are written in heaven.  Click here for powerpoint. 

26th July 2016 - Our reading was taken from Luke 9:51 - 62.  The message focused on the Cost of being a follower of Christ, which includes 1) Rejection.  When we choose to follow Jesus, we will be rejected by many.  2) There is no material comfort, in following Jesus.  3) There is no delaying, so you must come now.  4) There is no looking back.  Click here for the powerpoint.

19th July 2016 - Reading was from Luke 8:26 - 39 focusing on the Blessings that Jesus brings us.  We note that 1, the man was naked and homeless, when Jesus met him.  Jesus could have kept away, but he came and he met him.  2, Jesus set him free (v29).  On arrival, he commanded the impure spirit to come out of the man.  3, Jesus restored him (v35).  People found him sitting at Jesus' feet, dressed and in his right mind.  These are just part of the blessings Jesus brings to those who welcomes him.  Click here for the powerpoint.

12th July 2016 - Reading was from Luke 7:36-8:3 and the message focused on "Faith in Jesus Christ", which 1. begins from hearing.  The sinful woman heard about Jesus and her faith began.  Her faith grew and 2. she came to Jesus.  Our faith should draw us to come to Jesus.  Click here for the powerpoint.

22nd May 2016 - It is Trinity Sunday and the reading was from John 16:12 - 15.  The message focused on the Trinitarian God and us.  We focused on 1. Jesus teaches us today, 2. The Holy Spirit guides and encourages us and 3. We are co-heirs to the Father, together with Jesus, so we co-inherit our Father's blessings with Jesus.  Click here for the powerpoint. 

15th May 2016 - It is Pentecost, and our message was based on the gospel John 14:8 - 17, focusing on the 3 promises that Jesus gave his disciples in the reading.  1 Believe in me, and you will do great things, 2 Pray in my name and it will be done, and 3 Love me and obey me, and the Spirit of Truth will be sent to you.  The three promises lead to one receiving the Spirit to guide and encourage.  Click here for the powerpoint. 

8th May 2016 - Our message was based on John 17:20 - 26, focusing on Jesus' prayer for Christian Unity.  (1) Jesus gave us the glory, (2) Jesus gives us Complete Unity, and (3) Jesus prayed for our Unity, that the world may know.  Click here for the powerpoint.

1st May 2016 - Our message was based on John 5:1 - 9, where Jesus healed the paralytic at the pool of Bethesda.  We focused on the theme "Jesus heals".  (1) Jesus heals us where we are (2) Jesus heals us despite our negativity and (3) Jesus heals us with his Word.  Click here for the powerpoint.

24th April 2016 - Our message was based on John 13:31-35 focusing on the new command Jesus gave his disciples to 'love one another as I have loved you.  This is fitting for an ANZAC weekend.  In this message, we looked at how Jesus loved his disciples.  (1) He loved them selflessly, (2) He loved them sacrificially and (3) He loved them forgivingly.  Click here for the powerpoint.  

17th April 2016 - Our message was based on John 10:22-30 and on the theme: Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  Why? Because (1) He knows his sheep (2) He protects them and keep them safe, and (3) He gives them eternal life.  In response to these blessings, His sheep (1) believe in Him, (2) listen to His voice and (3) follow Him.  Click here for the powerpoint.

10th April 2016 - Our message is based on the gospel reading: John 21:1 - 19.  Jesus reaffirmed his call to Peter (and all his followers) after he rose from the dead.  And the call extended from 'follow me' to 'feeding and taking care of my sheep'.  This challenge us to (1) Feed my lambs, by looking out for young believers as we give them the spiritual feed they need.  (2) Take care of my sheep, by looking out for the welfare, protection and basic care for mature Christians - we all need looking out for, and (3) Feed my sheep, even mature Christians need to eat every now and then.  When we see signs of weaknesses in our fellow brothers and sisters, we must reach out, give some spiritual feed to help them gain strength again.  Click here for the powerpoint.

27th March 2016 - Our Easter Sunday message was based on Luke 24:1 - 12 emphasizing that Easter Sunday is a time to be rejoice and that joy will come when we (1) remember Jesus' words and (2) have clear understanding of his words.  Click here for the powerpoint   

25th March 2016 - Brief Good Friday Reflection was based on Luke 23:32 - 43 focusing on Forgiveness, which is (1) offered, not demanded, and (2) must be received by the one needing forgiveness.  Click here for the powerpoint.

20th March 2016 - Palm Sunday message was based on Luke 19:28-40 and our need to welcome Jesus as our King.  We do that when we (1) Obey his Word, (2) Lay down our lives before him and (3) Praise him and give him glory.  Click here for the powerpoint.

13th March 2016 - Sermon was based on John 12:1 - 8.  The message focused on how we honour Jesus, or how we should be honouring Jesus.  Based on the reading, we should be 1. serving (Martha) , and after having served for a while, we are drawn to want 2. to be with Jesus, to spend time with Jesus, to sit with Jesus (Lazarus).  And after having spend time with Jesus, we are led to 3. Surrender to Jesus (Mary).  Click here for the powerpoint.

6th March 2016 - Sermon was based on Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32.  The message focused on the love of our heavenly Father.  In love, (1) God the Father removes our shame and disgrace in order to welcome us back home.  In love, (2) God restores us as sons and daughters, not just workers, and (3) in love, God gives us new life, new identity.  Click here for powerpoint.  

28th Feb 2016 - Sermon was based on Luke 13:1 - 9 focusing on our need to repent and bear fruit.  In order to do so, we must (1) start with ourselves, instead of looking at others, and (2) we all need the help of the Spirit.  Click here for the powerpoint.

21st Feb 2016 - Sermon was based on Luke 13:31-35 focusing on Jesus' love for Jerusalem, i.e his love for all people.  In his love, Jesus 1. persisted so that he may set people free.  He also 2. persevered to reach all people.  Click here for the powerpoint presentation.  

14th Feb 2016 - Sermon was based on Luke 4:1 - 13, the temptation of Jesus, and how we too can overcome temptation today.  Click here for sermon powerpoint.

7th Feb 2016 - Sermon on Luke 9:28 - 36 and the message focused on the transformation that occured in Jesus' life, and the life of the disciples, from this point onwards.  We, as Jesus' followers must also be 'transformed'.  How can our lives be transformed? 1. We must go up (to pray), and 2. We must also return, to carry out his mission.  Click here for the Powerpoint.