Greetings & welcome to Mount Albert Presbyterian Church,

Thank you for visiting our page, we hope you find the information here useful. We are a friendly, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Church that seeks to make Jesus Known as we serve the local community, and the wider Auckland. If you are looking for a Church family to be part of, or just passing by, you are welcome to join us at our gatherings at 14 Mount Albert Road, Mount Albert.   

Ministries & Events coming up:         

21 Aug 11am Prayer Meeting
24 Aug 10am Youth Sports Fellowship
25 Aug 10am Family Service 
25 Aug 7pm Alpha Bible Study
27 Aug 12noon Community Soup 
28 Aug 11am Prayer Meeting
1 Sep 10am Morning Service 
1 Sep 7pm Alpha Bible Study 
3 Sep 12noon Community Soup 
4 Sep 11am Prayer Meeting
7 Sep 6pm Games night 
8 Sep 10am Morning Service
8 Sep 7pm Live Music Fellowship
10 Sep 12noon Community Soup 
11 Sep 11am Prayer Meeting
15 Sep 10am Morning Service
15 Sep 7pm Alpha Bible Study 
17 Sep 12noon Seniors' Lunch Fellowship 
18 Sep 11am Prayer Meeting
22 Sep 10am Family Service
22 Sep 7pm Alpha Bible Study 
24 Sep 12noon Community Soup 
25 Sep 11am Prayer Meeting
27 Sep - 29 Sep JYL (Junior Youth Leadership) Camp 
29 Sep 10am Morning Service
30 Sep School Holiday Programme Mon - Fri, 9 - 3pm 

"All Welcome"


Youth Service - August 2019